photo courtesy of  Bedside Reading

photo courtesy of Bedside Reading

"I almost read the entire book last night! It is a page turner--loving it!" —L. Harris

"Really enjoyed your book. It had a little bit of everything--so impressed!" —Anonymous

"To me the gauge of a good book is not that I can't put it down, but that it causes me to read slowly, so it won't end. Because Of The Horses was exactly that kind of book.  I slowly read the last chapter, hoping it would go on and on. It was so beautifully written that I can hardly wait until the sequel."  —B. Crouch

"I read it in two days and really enjoyed it. The interactions of the characters make a good story." —M. Ferry

"I just loved your book. I went through every emotion while reading about the Marsh family and their neighbors during this unimaginable period of time. How fascinating and sad that those living in Tennessee were so torn apart by the Civil War."
—J. Chapman

"I couldn't put the book down! Favorite moments were when Eli and the Sheriff discovered the Shakespeare common denominator and all things about the secret valley. I feel like I've been to East Tennessee now!" —S. Morris

"I really enjoyed your book. I was thinking that if I were a high school history teacher working on a Civil War unit--I would love my students to read this book as a supplemental text in order to bring the War to life and demonstrate its impact and its divisiveness within communities and even within families." —J. Silverman

"I am writing to tell you how much I liked your book. It is difficult to get interested in a book these days. Usually I fall asleep as soon as I sit down to read. You hooked me in Chapter 3 when Rice and Eli entered that barn. I read in amazement at how well you created that scene. And then I wanted to find out what happened." —D. Sage

"Phenomenal-I see a movie!" —Anonymous

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